UB Computing

The PS500

The UB PS500 delivers speed and performance at an affordable price. Perfect for small businesses, the PS500 provides computing punch with either a 500 or 650 MHz Pentium processor with 64MB of SDRAM. This is the system that can get the job done. As with other UB systems, you can configure the PS500 to meet your own individual needs. Increase the hard disk size up to 21 GB (12 GB standard) or the memory to 128MB for serious computing and graphical work. You can also choose from UBC's line of well-crafted accessories, including our 56K modem for ultra fast Internet access. The PS500 comes with UB's industry-leading premium support package to ensure that your system will always be there for you.

Configuration Options

Base Price=$2300
1) Processor Speed: 500 MHz
650 MHz (add $400)
2) Hard Drive: 12 GB
21 GB (add $300)
3) Memory:
4) Monitor:
5) 56K Modem: (add $75)
6) 10BaseT/TP Ethernet Card: (add $75)